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Dallas Launch happens on Oct 19, 2013

The much anticipated launch of the Serengeti International’s development project will happen in Saturday October 19, 2013 during the East Africa Chamber of Commerce Conference in Dallas, Texas.

The primary objective of Serengeti is to create a safe environment for any East African who ventures to return home. In the process, our endeavor is to became create an aura of order and tranquility in a hitherto unpredictable environment.

East Africans have always gone abroad to work and study, but with one mission: to return home and build their nation. They always want to make a difference, not just for themselves and their families, but for those that live in East African permanently.

HOUSE-4.jpg“During the launch, initial declarations via a ‘Letter of Intent’ will be made available, with a table providing immediate sign up support”, says one of Serengetii’s officers. “This will be a time to jump in with both feet and begin the long journey back home. Our mission to make the journey shorter”, concludes the officer.

Prospective members are encouraged to make themselves familiar with the entire project and engagement requirements to reduce lag time at the launch and facilitate faster sign up. For detailed information, please review various sections within this website.