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Going Home: Your ChoiceWhen choosing a home, it’s very important to consider the surrounding neighborhood as well as the home itself. Each neighborhood has its own characteristics including degree of safety, crime and physical appearance. While some neighborhoods can cause a home’s value to fall, others, such as gated communities, help homes resist market trends and retain value over time.

The Serengeti platform is not just a gated community with the normal expectations of limited access, security and other amenities; instead, it is a TOTAL package – indeed a new town hitherto unseen in Kenya and not just a creation of architects, but a creation of years of consultation and counseling.

Serengeti provides the solution to questions of cost alongside all the normal expectations when you fly thousands of miles from familiar surroundings, but expect to settle in a similar, but affordable environment.

  • Hence the name Serengeti: “uncharted, untouched, unspoilt, ready for something, created from the wild…. all for you”

In Kenya, you will have a choice of four Serengeti Properties. Choose one, apply, pre-qualify and get ready to return home to nothing short of peace, quiet and networked.

Welcome to the Serengeti Family.

The following are ready for contracting. After viewing their plans, proceed to the fill out the pre-qualifier form and someone will get in touch within 24 hours.

Western Enclave:The Lion Village

Central Enclave: The Rhino Village